1.  Document all communications with the other parent.
* Use communication tools like the Our Family Wizard website.

2.  Make child focused decisions.
* Stay away from what is best for YOU.  Focus on what's best for the child.

3.  Always be on time for pick ups and drop offs.

4.  Be generous with support payments.
* Remember a court order for child support is the bare minimum for support.

5.  Be responsive regarding child care issues.
* This is especially true when dealing with an opposing party who may be overly concerned.  Don't give them a reason to drag you into court.


1.  Never make disparaging comments about the other parent.

2.  Never discuss your matter on social media.
* Stay away from Facebook updates or Instagram posts about your case.

3.  Never leave your child at home without appropriate child care, not even for ten minutes.
* Appropriate is the key term here.  Your 15 year old nephew may not be the best choice.

4. Never engage in mudslinging in your paperwork.
* There is nothing worse in the eyes of a judge than two parents engaging in needless name calling.

5. Never give up!
* No matter how long it takes, you must stay the course.  Hire the right lawyer and strictly adhere to his or her advice.

Patrick Baghdaserians, Esq. and CFLS


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